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For all new players at Mega Casino. The two corrugated breathing hoses 0. Peak flow meter n Standard peak flow meter for children or adults.

Includes reuseable universal mouthpiece. Lung model demo A simple, yet effective apparatus to demonstrate the working of the lungs.

Two sacs represent the lungs, contained in a clear plastic enclosure which models the chest cavity, with a rubber membrane base which serves as the diaphragm.

By making the diaphragm relax and contract the students can see how the lungs are emptied and filled with air. Approx 13cm h x 17cm. Scalpel Blades k Lung capacity is a significant indicator of physical fitness.

The lung volume kit gives students the opportunity to understand their own physiology more thoroughly. NS Locust, Special Preserved.

Lung Volume Kit NS Pads are reusable, replaceable and made from high-grip materials which eliminates the need to use wax. Plastic pans with covers NS A classical piece of equipment for inhaled and exhaled air tests.

Comprises of two boiling tubes each with stopper and two lengths one long and one short of 5mm glass tubing connected by PVC tubing and plastic T connector.

NS Crayfish Astacus fluviatillis. Respiration Apparatus biology www. Pulse oximeter Easy-to-use device to measure pulse oxygen saturation and Heart Rate through a fingertip by measuring light absorption.

The Graphical model display also includes a graphical representation of pulse wave line or bar graph. В Supplied with a hanging rope. Requires 2 x 1.

Needle length approx 40mm. Large LCD screen displays systolic and diastolic pressure and pulse rate simultaneously. On base and numbered with key card.

Flashing heart symbol shows heartbeat. Audible beep when reading is obtained. Clock and alarm function. Power 1 x CR lithuim battery.

Leicester Height Measure Complete with carrying handle. Measurement scales are clearly graduated in both metric and imperial values.

A project guide is included. Children of any age or size can monitor and record their own heights and then have fun drawing graphs and calculating Body Mass Index.

The Height Measure packs neatly away and can be carried by adults or children. Measures to 2 metres 6ft 6in. Foot, Hand and Object Measure Measurement scales include metric and imperial values and international sizes.

Teachers and children can use this product to measure, record and then calculate areas and volumes on a whole range of objects.

Tape measures e d A life size 4 part model of the human brain. The model is a median section. The right hemisphere has the cerebellum and the stem with occipital lobe.

On base with numbered key card. Wrist monitor with LCD screen for systolic and diastolic pressure and pulse rate simultaneously.

Pulse beeper NS g. Brain Model A tough, nylon-reinforced plastic Tape Measure, 1m long x 3cm wide. Chunky and easy to hold, with bold 1cm markings and 10cm increments.

This handy tape is made in a flexible, non-stretch and washable material. Complete with product guide. Ear Model biology www.

Blood pressure monitor This model is approximately four times full size. The petros portion of the temporal bone section of the auditory canal is removable, with labyrinth which can be taken out and opened.

The tympanic membrane with malleus and incus can be removed in 6 parts. Heart Model Enlarged 3 times actual size and sectioned through the ventricles and auricles.

The bicuspid and tricuspid semilunar and sigmoid valves are shown. Separates into 3 parts. Human Torso Quality, human torso manufactured from unbreakable plastic.

This particular model differs from many commonly available as it has stainless steel locating dowels instead of plastic, making this model more robust.

Skeleton This life size plastic skeleton has a detachable skull with a full set of permanent teeth, removeable cranium and moveable joints.

Made of fibre material and finished in natural colour. The kit includes illustrated teaching notes describing the use of the kit as: Moreover, it can be adapted for use at different levels and in conjunction with more sophisticated models.

Poppit beads, DNA support rods, hydrogen bonds, amino acid units, centromeres, teaching notes. Poppit Beads b Other colour Poppit beads are available, please contact us Poppit beads are a useful laboratory modelling unit.

They can represent disaccharide and polysaccharide molecules in demonstrating carbohydrate metabolism and can also be used to represent genetic code as well as whole chromosomes, or as amino acids, dipeptides, polypeptides and proteins in protein metabolism monosaccharide.

Between the three kits, up to 30 different topics can be covered, so the cumulative familiarity with this symbolic representation of cell processes leads to a much more unified and coherent understanding of the subject than traditional teaching methods.

All kits include a DVD with easy to follow instructions and video lessons. For DNA Models see page 60 c c. Using the included magnets, you can model basic cell structure, cell size, ETC cellular respiration, ETC photosynthesis, nerve impluse, membrane transport, diffusion, endocytosis, exocytosis, and more.

Begin by building a simple cell membrane using only phospholipids. From that point, proteins and sugars are added, increasing the complexity of the membrane.

You can continue to increase the complexity by building organelles using the same pieces. Build an alpha helix on your chalkboard or whiteboard with the layers built in 3-D.

This realistic representation clarifies any student misconceptions of protein folding. Using the same polypeptide chains produced in the protein folding, you can then demonstrate the induced fit model, enzyme substrate complex, denatured proteins, active sites, allosteric sites, as well as competitive and non competitive inhibitors.

Mitosis Model Set biology www. Gene Kit Eight robust models illustrating the process of mitotic cell division. The chromosomes are painted to allow easy identification.

Models are approximately x mm. Meiosis Model Set A set of ten models to depict the stages of meotic division. Made from the same robust material as the mitosis model set.

Chromosomes are painted for clarity. The teaching notes include photocopiable work sheets and unlabelled diagrams.

Specially grown and preserved plant root tips are included in the kit. Students first prepare and stain their samples, then perform a cell squash for microscopic observation.

The material is grown and harvested under specific conditions to ensure maximum mitotic activity is occurring at the time of preservation, allowing for multiple examples of every stage of mitosis on each microscope slide prepared.

Students will learn about cell division and gain valuable experience in techniques such as tissue staining and microscopic observation.

The kit contains enough material for 30 students working individually. Simulated Diabetes Testing Students will investigate the disease, including its types, causes, symptoms, and treatment options.

If HIV antibodies are present, they will bind to the antigens on the plate. The kit uses dyes to represent DNA samples, reducing both the cost and the running time of the practical.

In addition to the battery operated tank see NS below the kit contains sufficient reagents for five runs and comes complete with full instructions and student study sheets on electrophoresis and gene cloning.

Power is supplied by 2 x PP3 batteries not included and a clear plastic cover prevents contact with the conducting buffer whenever the power supply is connected.

The tank comes complete with an eight-tooth comb and two gel casting gates. Electrophoreisis apparatus M36 HexaGel c d Easily run an entire class of samples in one go!

Separates six groups of student samples in a single run. Includes six 7x7cm gel trays with 6-tooth combs, embossing gel ruler and rubber end caps.

It balances hands-on student participation with economy. The 7 x 7 cm gel casting tray has an embossing gel ruler and includes rubber end caps which seal the tray.

Discover how easy electrophoresis can be with this classroom set: Edvocycler A purpose-built classroom thermal cycler PCR machine which is easy to use.

Use with standard disposable micropipette tips. Variable pipettes NS Variable pipette 0. Pipette tips As NS but run up to two groups of student samples at the same time.

With two 7 x 7 cm gel tray and comb sets. Yellow pipette tips to ul. Each power supply will operate two tanks.

The 75V supply will run gels in minutes, and the V supply in minutes. M12 Dual g i l. This LabStation provides all you need to run any of our DNA or dye electrophoresis kits with your students.

It includes an electrophoresis tank, power supply, two pipettes, tips and even a DNA fingerprinting kit! Electrophoresis Tank b i.

Microtube Racks NS Microtube rack. DNA Fingerprinting made simple a. Electrophoresis system a An affordable and easy-to-use introduction to electrophoresis with a battery-operated electrophoresis chamber.

This economical system includes ready-to-use reagents to isolate DNA from wheat germ, onion, bacteria, or even liver as well as solutions to run and stain the DNA.

The investigation also includes an activities book covering dozens of other projects which can be easily performed with readily available materials.

Genetic Diagnosis of Cancer Kit Investigate the use of gene technology not only to detect cancer but to predict its occurrence based upon hereditary traits.

Students will use the electrophoresis results of non-human DNA samples to simulate this procedure. In the process, they will detect a specific cancer and study the hereditary tendencies of the condition.

Why do people look different? In this simulation your students will use electrophoresis to separate dyes which represent genetic traits.

A safe, colourful, fast and simple way to teach the technique which will engage your students. Micropipetting Basics Teach your students how to use a micropipette with ease and accuracy with multi-coloured dyes.

A fun and cost effective way to learn this important skill. Whose DNA was left behind? DNA obtained from a single hair left behind at a crime scene can be used to identify a criminal.

In this experiment, students compare simulated crime scene DNA with that of two suspects. NS Edvotek kit S, for 10 groups Look out for our regular promotional flyers!

Fingerprint patterns are separated by agarose gel electrophoresis and the students determine who may have done-it!

DNA Fingerprinting with Restriction Enzymes Teach your students about restriction enzyme digests in the context of forensic science! The case of the invisible bands Solve the mystery of the invisible bands.

Bring the excitement of fluorescence to your electrophoresis with this innovative and exciting experiment. What is PCR and how does it work? Teach your students about PCR without a thermal cycler!

Using colourful dyes, your students will see how increasing cycle number produces more DNA for analysis. Using gel electrophoresis your students will see for themselves that more DNA is produced with every cycle of the reaction.

No thermal cycler is required. Cancer Gene Detection Determine a pedigree for a family thought to be carriers of a mutation in their p53 genes.

This is followed by a diagnostic agarose gel analysis to diagnose the state of the p53 gene in individual family members. This Ready-to-Load kit means you can quickly teach DNA fingerprinting in your class and show your students how DNA evidence is used in modern forensics.

This experiment allows for varied results depending on the selection of DNA fingerprinting patterns. DNA Fingerprinting using PCR This kit provides easy to follow instructions for your students to develop various crime scene scenarios independently.

Your students can then solve a crime! Complex Ions Set f 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 NS HydrogenHydrogen NS Hydrogen white For constructing open models only including acids, oxides, salts and many organic compounds containing up to 12 carbons.

NS 17 17 17 17 17 17 NS e. Gas Jar Covers Circular sheet glass, ground one side. Gas syringe c Ground glass, graduated volume - ml.

Syringe clamp Holder for ml gas syringe. Delivery tubes Pre-bent rigid polypropylene. In packs of 5. Carbon Rods g Pack of 10 rods, mm x 5mm.

Hoffman Voltameter For demonstration of the chemical composition of water by volume, determination of chemical composition by electrolysis and with applications of the electro chemical equivalent of hydrogen.

Platinum electrodes are used for the electrolysis of water; carbon electrodes are used for the electrolysis of ammonia or hydrochloric acid.

Available as a complete set or as separate components. The electrodes are mounted in rubber stoppers for insertion into the open ends of the Voltameter limbs, averting the use of fragile connections such as platinum wire loops fused through the limbs.

Glass unit has two connected limbs, approximately 50ml cap on each. Stopcock and reservoir at apex of outer tube and inner tube. NQ Voltameter, glass unit only.

Graduated, each limb 0 to 50 x 0. We can now offer a full Lab Refit Service 60 Cylindrical, clear glass, ground flange and heavy foot. Supplied without covers, in single units.

NB gas jars diameters are internal measurement. Topics that may be covered with this kit include: Micro-Chem Advanced Kit c b The Advanced MicroChem Kit provides all the physical hardware required to perform the experiments incorporated in the basic kit, and in addition the following topic avenues may be explored: Micro-Chem Combo Still d The award winning CombostillTM is capable of reproducing experimental procedures normally accomplished with costly organic lab equipment.

It is used by research investigators for microscale experiments. A major advantage of working microscale is the huge saving in time.

Considerable savings can be achieved since smaller volumes of chemical are required. The CombostillTM is supplied with a comboplate which is resistant to organic chemicals.

The resources cover a wide range of practical experiments using the innovative Microscience system. Each file contains notes on use and care of Microscale equipment, and sheets can be photocopied.

Micro Titration Kit The MicroTitration kit is designed for accurate and efficient titrations in secondary school experiments: Micro Burette Kit Accurate and efficient titrations for secondary school students.

Results compare very well with traditional Class B glassware. The equipment is durable and easy to maintain. The Microburette is highly recommended by leading education institutions.

To be used in conjunction with the comboplate. Accuracy up to 2 decimal points. Reproducibility coefficients of 0. Activities achievable with the Microburette Kit: Microscience Work Station This Microscience kit encompasses a large proportion of the KS3 and 4 Practical Curriculum, covering biology and physics as well as chemistry.

It is designed for individual use or in small groups, and curriculum based worksheets and teaching guides are available covering many experiments.

For more information on this product, please see our website. Micro-Chemicals Kits Within each set are all the chemicals needed for a particular Key Stage, provided in either 50ml or 50gm bottles or vials, sufficient for approximately determinations.

The risk of serious injury is reduced dramatically and waste disposal becomes much less of a threat to the environment. Contained in foam lined box.

Indoors it appears as a clear liquid but when exposed to natural light it immediately becomes coloured. This colour increases in intensity when exposed to direct sunlight.

The colour change is reversible takes approx. Joint Clips Clips to secure connections between jointed glassware. Made from chemical resistant plastic.

In packs of 10 clips. Superelastic Wire NS j. NS Cylindrical stem with cone ml. Black Light Pigments i.

Funnels NS Pear-shaped stem with cone ml. UV Fluid A nickel and titanium alloy wire. Superelastic wire remains elastic even when tied in knots.

Tie it in a knot and it can easily be undone to return to its original straight shape. Works in UV or sunlight the pigment changes colour immediately.

Can be mixed with ordinary acrylic media to make Photochromatic paint. Distillation Head d Whether we realise it or not, smart materials are starting to make a real impact on everyday life.

Smart Materials Book chemistry www. This can be repeated time after time. Smart Putty This class of material has the remarkable property that it usually behaves as a soft mouldable plastic like chewing gum , but instantly becomes a rubber if impacted: Bounce it, snap it and see it change.

Visco-elastic polymer or dilatent compound. A ball bearing or similar will descend slowly through a tube of clear gum at a uniform rate.

When the powder is mixed with water, it forms a creamy white liquid that thickens if rapidly disturbed. It can change from fluid to almost solid and back again in a split second.

Supplied as water soluble powder, g. Polyox Non-toxic, long-chain polymer with a high molar mass. If you quickly drag some of the solution from a beaker it will continue to move out of the beaker.

Supplied in 50g pack. Propanol is required for use with this item. Capable of absorbing many times its own weight in water, expands rapidly when it gets wet to form a snow-like mass.

Hydrogel This completely non-toxic powder absorbs up to 50 times its own weight in water. When exposed to water, the powder transforms into a gel which holds the water for an extended period.

It can be heated with just hot water or a hairdryer and moulded by hand to create prototypes and solve manufacturing problems currently outside the capacity of other materials.

Such springs have many industrial applications - e. Ferro Fluid A magnetic liquid, supplied in a plastic jar 10ml , with a rare earth magnet. Graphite Levitation Kit This contains a small sample of pyrolytic graphite, 16 small rare earth magnets, a steel base and a pair of tweezers.

When all the magnets are arranged in a matrix on the base plate, the graphite will levitate just above their surface. Smart Colours Starter Pack Contains 1ml each of 5 thermochromic pigment pastes, 1g of highly concentrated glow-in-the-dark pigment powder and a 20ml syringe of acrylic medium.

Smart Materials Sample Pack g. Smart Wire j k. Magic Snow NS c. Smart Fluid NS Made up as a liquid paste compatible with any acrylic media.

Then the temperature falls the pigment colour re-appears. Smart Gum a j. Thermochromic Pigments chemistry www. Colour Changing Smart Putty Contains a labelled sample of each of the following smart materials: Changes colour when heated from Sample pack contains a 50 x mm thermocolour sheet and a metre of resistance wire and information pamphlet with ideas for use.

Properties of Soaps and Detergents a Students will examine the similarities and differences in the properties of soap, hand dishwashing detergent, and machine dishwashing detergent, all provided in the kit.

Activities include testing pH, examining the effect of soap and detergent on the surface tension of water, foaming ability, fat emulsification, and the performance of soap and detergent in hard water.

Contains enough materials for fifteen groups. Materials included in the kit: Properties of Aspirin b Students will learn about the history of the development of acetylsalicylic acid aspirin as well as test the performance of several different types of aspirin.

Among the properties the students will examine are the solubility of aspirin in varying gastrointestinal environments, a comparison of active ingredients in regular and extra strength aspirin, and the differences between regular and buffered aspirin.

All aspirin samples are included in the kit and there are enough materials for fifteen groups. Properties of Toothpaste Kit c In this activity, students will investigate several properties of toothpaste samples, provided in the kit, including presence of fluoride, pH, abrasiveness, and foaming ability.

As a second activity, students will use the included materials to create their own toothpaste. Introduction to Chromatography Kit d www.

Sleek but tough - your outdoor sensor suite sets up in minutes and starts sending data wirelessly to your console.

Vantage Vue includes a compact outdoor sensor array. The fully-integrated corrosionproof sensor suite is built to take all weather your location can give.

With a range of up to m, Vantage Vue data packets are sent every 2. By adding Weatherlink you will have full datalogging capabilities.

This premium weather station offers the latest in weather technology, the innovative Integrated Sensor Suite ISS combines the rain collector, temperature and humidity sensors, and the anemometer into one neat package.

No more set-up headaches! Create graphs, view trends and compare historical data, even upload this information to your very own website.

Simple Anemometer This unique design gives a direct reading of wind speed, without the need to count revolutions.

Can be hand-held or fixed permanently. Skywatch Xplorer 1 A pocket-sized, rugged, go-anywhere anemometer. The Xplorer 1 is ideal for introducing basic weather recording and information.

Replaceable lithium battery, waterproof and has stainless steel back cover. Size 32cm x 23cm. The Sun is represented by a bright lamp.

It is particularly useful in demonstrating: Weather Vane f h. Printed directly onto translucent plastic for ease of reading.

Includes sorting chart and percentage by area images. Can be used free-standing or with the spike provided. The lid prevents spillage if the gauge is carried.

The Earth has a moon. The planets can be moved around the Sun by hand, and the Moon around the Earth. For demonstrating the shape and motions of the solar system.

Batteries are not supplied. Rain Gauge d g. Orbit Orrery earth science www. Mesh sizes 5, 10, 35, 60, and Mixed Rock Samples Small grain 1cm approx samples of assorted rock types.

Compare the effects of acid rain and other forms of erosion. Exact mix may vary according to availability, but a typical selection includes sandstone, limestone, siltstone, chalk, basalt, granite and gneiss.

Rocks and Rock-Forming Minerals Collection 24 specimens; 6 each of rock forming minerals and igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks.

Rock Collections Each set contains 15 representative rock specimens, approx 35mm in size. Activities include fingerprint analysis, iodine and cyanoacrylate fuming.

Learn how to identify different types of fingerprints and distinguishing characteristics and two different methods of chemical fuming to capture fingerprints.

Evidence left behind at a crime scene can identify a potential culprit. Even in this age of DNA, fingerprints and blood stains are still important at helping to identify a criminal.

In this experiment, your students will solve a crime by dusting for fingerprints and use fluorescent dust to search for and identify trace amounts of blood.

Gun Shot Residue Presumptive Kit This is a two part test to determine whether a surface has been exposed to a discharged firearm. A rapid colour change takes place to verify the presence of nitrates and lead.

Each kit contains instructions and enough materials for 30 tests. Materials Included in the kit: Forensic Science Investigation A multitude of comprehensive forensic investigations!

As the lead investigators, the class will be exposed to many aspects of a forensic laboratory. They will be called upon to solve a murder mystery using a combination of forensic science tools such as fibre and soil composition analysis, density analysis, insect identification, and chemical analysis.

Students will collect the evidence and analyse the results to solve a murder mystery. The class explore the exciting world of anthropology.

They will perform handson analysis of a bone recovered from the crime scene to determine the age, gender, and race of the victim.

Further toxicology, microscopy, and soil analysis will lead to the elimination of suspects and the identity of the victim.

NS Kit for up to 40 students Learn how Luminol is used to detect blood stains which are otherwise invisible to the naked eye. The special Luminol formulation does not require a separate hydrogen peroxide catalyst - simply re-hydrate and use with the simulated blood.

This activity includes an Instruction Manual with suggested activities, and enough material for several demonstrations. Fuming For Fingerprints d h.

Conduct realistic blood typing activities without exposure to the hazards of real blood! Contains simulated, microscopic blood cells which can be viewed and counted under a microscope or used with a haemacytometer.

Forensic Chemistry of Chromatography forensics www. Left behind was a ransom note demanding money. Help solve the crime using Thin-Layer Chromatography to separate the ink on the ransom note and ink found in markers tied to possible suspects.

It may be possible to provide evidence as to whether or not the ransom note could have been written with a particular marker.

There is enough material for 15 groups. Properties of Glass Learn about the different chemical and physical characteristics and properties of glass, and how forensic scientists use these differences to help provide evidence to solve crimes.

Study the process of DNA fingerprinting, simulating every step without the need for either equipment or even prior knowledge!

Using pop beads and other reusable manipulatives, your students will assemble DNA strands and use them in various inquiry-based scenarios to learn about DNA finger-printing and its application to forensics.

In the process, the class will gain a clear understanding of not only DNA fingerprinting but also basic DNA structure and related genetic concepts.

Blood Test Kit Test for the presence of blood on materials using phenolphthalein. The test will not distinguish between animal and human blood.

Further serology tests are needed. Includes instructions, blood standard and reagents to complete 30 tests. NS Look out for our regular promotional flyers!

Teach your class about the latest innovations in DNA technology and their application to forensic science. Your students will learn the basics of DNA fingerprinting and become familiar with DNA structure and extraction, gel electrophoresis and autoradiography.

Your students will become forensic scientists as they apply the latest innovations in DNA technology to a scenario-based DNA murder mystery.

Could someone have tainted it? You are a forensic toxicologist. You will perform a series of chemical tests, including tests on control aspirin in the lab.

Crime scene tape Bright yellow Crime Scene Tape for use in forensics crime scene lessons. SATZ power supplies are ideal for providing power to basic laboratory equipment such as ray optics boxes.

Output voltage is selectable at 3, 4. The key may be removed in any position. This makes it impossible for a student to alter the voltage.

A single profile key is used which means that one key can be used to operate all the units. Comes supplied with two keys. Both dc and ac outputs may be used simultaneously up to the rated output.

The output is protected by a push button cut-out. The unit is 2A fused on the back panel and comes complete with a moulded mains lead and plug.

Electrosound 12V Variable Power Supply The units are housed in a custom designed, powder coated steel case with carrying handle and four heavy duty feet which make the units easy to store as they are stackable.

Complete with fixed mains lead, these units will find a ready home in Physics, Chemistry and Technology departments everywhere. The unit offers a continuously variable output from volts a.

It is fitted with a dc LCD meter and adjustable voltage limit lock. Voltage can be switched safely at full load without serious contact wear.

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Friday, August 11, Email this article to a friend. Please enter your name here. Please enter your email address here. Scatter wilds count no matter where they appear on the reels of this game.

A gamble feature has been included in the Book of Ra slot and can be triggered following any winning spin. When you decide to trigger it, players can choose a red or black card to double their winnings if they predict the next card in the sequence successfully.

Once a player has acquired 3 or more of the scatters wilds in any position on the screen, they will trigger the Book of Ra Bonus. In this feature, players are rewarded with a total of 10 free spins.

One symbol will be chosen at random to act as a special symbol. This special symbol becomes an expanding icon during the feature and can bolster the amount you can win when it does expand to occupy whole reels.

The free spins feature can be retriggered by landing more scatter icons on the reels of the game whilst the bonus is in play. Currenty there are no reviews for Book of Ra.

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Black mirror pc spiel: Auch dazu kann ich Geld verdienen. Sportingbet desktop version credits cannot be exchanged for cash or be paid out in any form; they may only be used to play this game.

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How are you collecting the best soccer live streams in the internet? You should be wary however of sharing a video signal with others.

However we bet on soft casinos not provide any streaming content ourselves. When do streaming links get online?

Liverpool - Crvena Zvezda. Spiele Monaco - Club Brugge. Club Brugge - AS Monaco. Is your service entirely free? Champions League Paris St.

Welcome to our English soccer live stream portal. In a few cases some of the streaming providers still use an old technology called Flash to power the video player.

I was first a bit skeptical but then signed up and have not regretted it rudolf group then. The Icy Wonders Jackpot is a local rizk casino online.

So friendly and explain all casino rewards club different bonuses and payout options. Not so bad casino. To the bonuses that are exciting and fun filled and then there is thw fun and exciting games wow I really emjoyed keep it up guys.

Es gibt bei den insgesamt 1. Overall, a decent to play. Furthermore it has many deposit options and many withdrawal options which makes this casino trustfull!

Of course I want to, always handy. Mit dem unbegrenzten Werder bremen hsv hat sich das Casino ein Geschenk ausgesucht, dass du ein keinem anderen Online Casino geboten bekommst.

Aber keine Sorge, auch auf Mails antwortet das Casino in Rekordzeit.


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